Short Stories

Ahh, the short story. Short stories are like flash fiction, but longer. And like novels, but shorter (although I’ve read plenty of short stories that aren’t on the short side.) Short stories are actually a genre I didn’t start working with until the end of high school. After 9 months of writer’s block and a very cathartic summer at writing camp, I produced my first short story. Since then, my short stories tend to be few and far between. But the ones that make it here strike me as a cut above the rest (I hope.)

Wayward (Contemporary Young Adult Fiction) – July 2016

Two weeks after Darren first leaves home, he is pulled into a dangerous and cryptic mission to recover his stolen possessions.

Roommates (Contemporary Young Adult Fiction) – February 2017

Estragon, Lizzy, Brad, and Riley begin their first year of university but get off to a rocky start as they struggle to overcome the stories that burden them from home. (Adapted from a one act play written for a high school theatre assignment.)