Flash Fiction

Flash fiction! Baby fiction! Short short stories but even shorter than the short short story you’re thinking of!

Flash fiction is essentially just a very short piece of fiction. 100-1500 words, rarely more. I like flash fiction because it requires a lot from the reader and leaves plenty of things up to interpretation. It’s also great because I can still find time to write flash fiction even on budgeted time.

Matchbox Dreams (Modern Fantasy) – May 2016

Graham sees Rose for the final time, and she bestows upon him a precious gift.

But Injure My Heart (Historical Fiction) – July 2016

Behind the Iron Curtain, a member of the Romanian Securitate approaches Mihai and asks him to report on his family

This Wily Comet (Contemporary Young Adult Fiction) – July 2016

After a brutal fight, Evan cleans up in a gas station bathroom, where he hears a familiar song.