February And Sweet Heat

This week the vending machine in our dorm stocked Sweet Heat Skittles and Starbursts instead of regular Skittles and Starbursts.

The week of February 24th to March 3rd was maybe one of the worst weeks of my life, and I’ll probably get into the details another time. But what you should know is that my week was not at all improved by the fact that when my friends and I went to the vending machine on Tuesday afternoon to get some snacks, we were greeted by Sweet Heat candy and gave it a shot and were very unimpressed.

Now it’s worth noting that we preferred the Sweet Heat Skittles over the Starbursts, and actually liked the Skittles for about the first half of the bag (after a little while the heat gets kind of overwhelming and the aftertaste kinda ruined the candy for us.)

So anyway, then we really wanted to get regular Skittles but they were behind the Sweet Heat Skittles so we bought four bags of Sweet Heat Skittles just to get the regular Skittles and then ate the Sweet Heat Skittles because we didn’t want to waste them.

You know how we’re always trying to get rid of toxic people in our lives? Sometimes the toxic person is yourself.

I’m not just talking about the candy.

Note, we could tolerate the Sweet Heat Skittles but overall didn’t like the Sweet Heat Starbursts at all.

Aside from disappointing candy experiences, this week was tough for myself and for a couple friends of mine (mostly socially, some rather unnecessary drama has hit) and I fully intend to blame the month of February.

My mom’s friend is a middle school principal and she’s hypothesized the theory of “Fragile February.” This is a suggestion that, no matter the academic level, February is a tough month in schools. It’s the middle of the school year (in the northern hemisphere,) students and teachers are tired, major exams are likely either happening or coming up, it’s probably cold, there’s typically no breaks or long weekends, and Valentines Day probably has a significant amount of the school population either miserable or pursuing drama.

I fully believe in Fragile February, and definitely think it hit some of us hard this year.

But I guess now it’s March, and it’s almost spring break. It’s warming up, and I’m sure things can only get better. Provided the vending machine doesn’t stock Sweet Heat candies again.

-Grace T, March 2018

-You were wrecked and weak / So intrigued, that’s ridiculous – Get Yourself Together, Christina Grimmie

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