Due to the nature of my summer shifts and employee liability regulations at work, blog posts will be on hold until the first Sunday of September.

This blog is a work of creative nonfiction. While I use the blog to account for parts of my life and my own experiences, I also write to avoid confusion and tell a story. This means sometimes the details get muddled or intentionally edited. Examples of this can be seen in The Windup when Henry is attributed to giving me advice that was actually given by a different friend earlier in the week. Rose-Colored Glasses combines several events from the spring of 2014 into one evening. Demons Inside covers several conversations that occurred over three weeks and What Could Have Been actually moves the picnic date a year later so that the conversation about Marcus and the picnic itself could happen at the same time. Sometimes these changes or lack of clarity are just due to human error; You is written to the extent that I remember things, but it’s broken up and I may be incorrect on a lot of details. I’d Prefer A Staycation gives statements that were true at the time but no doubt fluctuate a lot. Given those examples, it’s clear that some of these changes are bigger or more drastic than others.

I do this to consolidate and make sense of the story. Because I write the blog for myself I also do it to keep the important and vital parts of these memories intact. It keeps me from constantly needing to break up blog posts into different scenes, and it gives me more leniency in the accuracy of my memory (how well do I really remember a tearful conversation with my aunt? Or a party from five years ago?)

Some of my blog posts are more autobiographical and therefore more accurate. Smaller Moments is an example of skipping between scenes to cover a long period of time, or New Week’s Resolution and On Parkland and Gun Control steps back from my typically emotional and intrapersonal posts to examine more factual thoughts.

I’m not apologizing about the creative aspects of this blog, but I think the nature of it should be made clear for my readers. I believe it’s more than okay to be convoluted and to contradict myself.

Along those same lines, all names are changed in blog posts to protect individual’s privacy, though most other facts and places are factual. Each post also ends with a series of lyrics, most likely from songs or artists that are important to me. The lyrics or the rest of the song may relate to the themes of the post or might expand on what is not specified, since my perspective and what I write is rarely the whole story. I became interested in incorporating music and writing a couple years ago at camp and one of my mentors has helped me cultivate that in different aspects – to varying degrees of success. For another example of my writing incorporating music, see my flash fiction This Wily Comet.

If you ever need more detailed or accurate information about a blog post, or have questions regarding the nature of a post or the incorporation of music in my work, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

All the best,

Grace T

P.S. Any particular songs or artists you love? Please reach out and tell me about them! I love listening to music and would desperately like to diversify my current tastes (which are predominantly white, cishet, and male.)